LLE is a new artist-led curatorial project with a focus on contemporary painting. We aim to showcase our artists via international art fairs and exhibitions.
We do not formally represent artists but work with them on a project by project basis.

Forthcoming -

Nightswimming @ Mission Gallery
in association with BEEP Painting Biennial
28 July - 08 September 2018
Private View: 2-4pm Saturday 28th July

Saatchi Gallery
Collaboration with PAPER
Date TBA

Past -


17th-21st January 2018

LLE @ BayArt, Cardiff 
3rd September - 20th October 2017
LLE @ The Manchester Contemporary
27th - 29th October 2017

Project Artists

· Lindsey Bull
· Gordon Dalton
· Lara Davies
· Iwan Lewis
· Catrin Llwyd Evans
· Richard James
· Marielle Hehir
· Aly Helyer
· Gareth Kemp
· Sam Perry
· Tom Pitt
· Ben Risk
· Toby Ursell
· Aishan Yu
· Casper White

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Cardiff, Wales, UK

Lindsey Bull b.1979

Lindsey’s work focuses on outsiders in society, exploring idiosyncratic or misunderstood psychologies, people on the fringes of mainstream culture.

Lindsey’s imagery is widely sourced, from fashion magazines to witchcraft journals. The figures in her paintings are often costumed, and although Lindsey’s work is figurative, the environment her figures reside in is equally important, adding to the air of other-worldliness in the paintings.

The subjects of Lindsey’s paintings are caught in flux, in a moment in time. Perhaps falling or about to fall or sometimes caught in the moment of looking at the viewer. These are figures captured for a split second. This concept of “in the moment” is crucial to Lindsey’s work.