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more projects in (part 2) this summer.

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P E B B L E  /  S H O E

FRI 24 FEB (6-9) / SAT 25 FEB (12-6)

John Abell     Jo Berry      Abi Birkinshaw       Sarah Boulter     Dave Brook      Gordon Dalton      Lara Davies     Roslim Dew      Tamara Dubnyckyj     Robbie Fife        Elliott Flanagan     Rebecca Gould      Abigail Hampsey    David Hancock      Callum Harvey       Beatrice Hasell-Mccosh      Marielle Hehir       Maggie James       Gareth Kemp       Dean Knight      Iwan Lewis       Rhiannon Lowe       Daniel MacCarthy     James Moore       Ruth Murray       Philip Nicol       Mahali O’Hare       Tom Pitt        Chantal Powell       Ben Risk       Fiona G Roberts        Robin Tarbet        Liorah Tchiprout        Ruby Tingle        Toby Ursell       Casper White      Dylan Williams       Ellie Young

Plus panel discussion event: 

Come Fail Here: Why Project Spaces Are Not Galleries, Why They Matter + How to Start Your Own - with artist-led projects + writer/critic and champion of project spaces Chris Fite-Wassilak. THU 9 FEB (6.30 FREE)
Kingsgate Project Space
110-116 Kingsgate Rd, London NW6 2JG
I put a pebble in my shoe / 
Every step I am with you
Eugenius (1994)


Big. Flexible. A whitewashed cave wall. A museum wall. A thing in the background that is like a wall. Something hung over a wall. A blurred matte painting at the back of a movie set. A piece of fabric from a stage set. Curtains at the back of a stage behind a band. Something to be covered in other artworks. Activated by them.

Small. Rigid. Seemingly self-contained. But they change depending on what's behind them or near them. Can be moved around easily.
Stage is a multi-artist installation and zine project curated by LLE (Casper White and James Moore).

The artworks all relate to the theme of ‘stage’.

The first installation is at Kingsgate Project Space, Kilburn, London.

The installation consists of two formats of artwork:
1. large backdrops.
2. small works on panels.

Participating artists were invited to produce both backdrops and small works on panels.

The backdrops are hung on the gallery walls and are at least 1 metre in height or width. They are large-scale drawings, paintings, textile and fabric hangings, and pre-existing items such as posters.

The smaller works on wooden panels are hung on-top of the backdrops.

The backdrop pieces are necessarily damaged during the installation, as holes are pierced through them to hang the smaller wooden panels on top. The installation is changed during the exhibition, with works being moved, added and removed.